Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

What is Playlyfe?

Playlyfe is an online gamification platform which empowers anyone to design and implement a gamified system. Playlyfe aims to empower people to use gamification as an effective strategic tool. It does this by breaking down the technical barriers that often hinder the adoption of gamification. This allows a normal user to convert a gamified system's design into a functional web-application complete with teams, real-time notifications, leaderboards and many more features.

Playlyfe allows you to go from a game design on paper to a completely functional app in a matter of minutes. It gives you immense flexibility and power to design, prototype and revise your game design over time.

Playlyfe offers your a ready-to-use auto-generated web app made from your game design. You can invite your friends to participate in the game, where they can do tasks, join teams and see their profiles and activity logs.

If you're looking for a more controlled experience, Playlyfe offers a REST API using which you can integrate gamification into your web or mobile app. Playlyfe's API offers varied levels of interactions and integrations, which allows you to even develop white-label gamification solutions.

Playlyfe also provides Playlyfe-based authentication services for external web apps. You can consider this like what Facebook’s Login API does for websites. You could embed Playlyfe's API to allow visitors to log into your website in case you house restricted content on your servers. You could also use Playlyfe's API to provide a more personalised and self-curated experience to your visitors.

What are games on playlyfe?

A Game on Playlyfe is a system of processes, teams, metrics and rules which come together to engage a player in an experience. The experience could be anything from visiting a website to doing work in your office. Playlyfe acts as the game engine behind these systems. It takes care of all the hard stuff like tracking scores, team structures, player progress and maintaining real-time leaderboards.

Can I use Playlyfe if I can't code?

Absolutely YES!

Building a gamified system on Playlyfe is very simple, and everything is explained along the way. You just need to decide what you want in your game, like player interactions, achievements, leaderboards, etc. Once you've got the basic ideas jotted down, head to the Playground, and use our visual game builder to design all the components you need. Once you're done, you can Simulate the game, and test it out in an auto-generated app using fake players.

If you're happy with thedesign, you can go ahead and launch the game, and the same auto-generated app (hosted at can be used as your web app. You can invite other players and they can login with their Playlyfe account, and join your game.

What is a native app?

Native Playlyfe applications, the simplest of all, are auto generated and hosted on Playlyfe’s application server at You can invite other people to use your app. If your game's access setting is set to Private, invitation is the only way to add new users. If you set it to Managed, then new users can come to your app's URL, and request access to the game. If you set the access to Public, other users can independently access your app without you getting involved at all.

User Accounts

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Playlyfe is completely free. You can signup by clicking the Get Started button. As a promotional offer, you'll also be getting a $20 in Playlyfe credits to help you get started with your first game.

How do I activate my account?

You can only use Playlyfe once you've activated your account. This ensures that you're not a bot and allows Playlyfe staff to better assist you if you forget your password. To activate your account, check your inbox of the email address you used to register on Playlyfe.

How do I reset my password?

If you've forgotten your password, don't fret! You can ask us to reset it. To request a password reset, visit the Forgot Password page. Enter the email address you registered with. Then we'll email you a link that will allow you to reset your password.

You must use the link within 48 hours of requesting the reset. If you don't receive an email from us, check your spam folder (and mark the mail as NOT SPAM for the future). After clicking on the link in your email, you'll be asked to enter a new password.


What am I charged for?

On Playlyfe, plans are associated with a game. You can create and simulate games on Playlyfe for free. We charge only when you want to deploy the game into production, or integrate your app with our platform. To deploy or integrate your game, you'll need to buy one of our plans. If you want to stop paying for a game, you can downgrade to the free plan anytime, but then all integrations would stop working.

How do I buy a plan for my game?

To buy a plan, login to your account, and go to the Account < Subscriptions section. Here you'll see the list of all your games, and their respective plans.

To change or buy a plan, click on the Change Plan button. To buy a plan, you'll need to have atleast the plans' value worth of balance in your wallet. To view the limits of your current plan, click on View Details.

How does the billing work?

The service is billed in advance on a monthly basis and is non- refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an active subscription. No exceptions will be made in this regard.

On any upgrade in plans, your wallet will automatically be credited the new rate on your next billing cycle. Playlyfe will immediately charge or refund the difference in plan cost, pro-rated for the remaining time in your billing cycle.

An upgrade from the free plan to any other plan will be activated immediately, and the amount debited from your wallet.

If you downgrade your plan, the new plan will only be applied from the next month. If you upgrade your plan in the middle of the month, we will charge you only for the number of days remaining in that month. The extra API calls you get will also be proportional to the number of days remaining in that month. If the plan increases the player limit, then that limit will be increased to it's full capacity immediately.

For example, you are on the Pack plan ($5, 25 players, 25k API calls), and you choose to upgrade to the Swarm plan ($20, 300 players, 100k API calls) on the 15th of April. There are 15 days remaining in the month, so you'll be charged only $10 for the next 15 days of the month, and you'll receive 50k API calls for that month. But you'll also be able to support the full 300 players that month!

Note that downgrading your service may cause the loss of Content, features, or capacity of your Account. Playlyfe does not accept any liability for such loss. Check the new plan restrictions to be sure that you won't be losing any of your designs or players.

How do I topup my wallet?

To add credits to your wallet, you'll need a valid credit card, or an international debit card.

You can see how much balance is currently there in your wallet in the Account Dashboard. To add more credits to your wallet, use the Refill Wallet button. You'll be asked for the amount, and your credit/debit card information.

What do you mean by hard limits?

The smaller developer plans (Pack, Colony and Swarm) are marked as having hard limits. That means that when you reach your API call limit then any futher calls to Playlyfe service will be denied unless you upgrade to a bigger plan. There is no way to make extra API calls without upgrading.

If you're worried about exceeding the limits, you can buy one of the volume plans, which have no hard limits. This will ensure that the service will continue even if you exceed your limit. In this case you will be charged overages for those extra API calls you make.

Which plan should I choose?

Playlyfe provides 3 types of plans: free, indie packs and volume packs.

The free pack lets you design and simulate your game for free, forever. You won't be able to take the game live though. Every game created by you starts out with the free plan.

The indie packs (or developer packs) are offered in 3 flavours — Pack, Colony and Swarm. These packs offerings are listed below:

  • Pack: your game can have upto 25 players for $5 per month.
  • Colony: upto 100 players for $10 per month.
  • Swarm: upto 300 players for $20 per month.

Then there are the volume packs for serious businesses, which let you have unlimited players in your game. These packs are priced by the volume of API calls they provide:

  • Meteoric: 1 million API calls for $249 per month.
  • Stellar: 3 million API calls for $499 per month.
  • Galactic: 10 million API calls for $1499 per month.

You can see our detailed offerings over at our Pricing page page. You can upgrade or downgrade your game's subscription at any time.

None of the current plans meet my needs, what do I do?

If you're an enterprise looking for more than what our Galactic plan has to offer, you should get in touch with us.

Apart from a custom enterprise plan, Playlyfe does not offer any custom plans. Our plans and pricing are simple and cover most of the use cases. You can find pricing and details for all our plans at our Pricing page.


Can I integrate Playlyfe with my mobile app?

Yes you can. If you have a backend server for your mobile app, you can use a White-label client which uses the client-credentials flow for authentication. If you want a more quick integration, you can use our JWT client, which uses JSON WebTokens for authentication.

To create a client, head to the Clients section of your game via the Game Menu < Develop < Clients.

What are clients?

Playlyfe uses the OAuth 2.0 flows for allowing external services to a use the REST API. There are 4 different type of authentication strategies you can use with a Playlyfe client:

  1. Client Credentials Grant Flow - This client lets you register your application and authenticates your app instead of a user. This enables your application to completely hide Playlyfe from your users, so your application will be able to create players and use the API on their behalf. This enables you to use Playlyfe's features within your organization. This client uses the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials flow.

For more information, read the Client docs.

  1. Authorization Code Grant Flow - This client lets you register your application and users have to log in to the Playlyfe platform. This client uses the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code flow. This allows you to link your users with a user on Playlyfe platform and use the API as a user.

For more information, read the Client docs.

  1. Implicit Grant Flow - In case your application has no backend (or server), then you need to create a client with the Implicit Grant flow. This client uses the OAuth 2.0 Implicit Grant flow. The Implicit grant flow is like the authorization code grant, with the only difference being that the server returns the access token instead of the auth token once the user is redirected.

For more information, read the Client docs.

  1. JSON WebToken Flow - This client uses the new JSON WebTokens to authenticate your applications, much in the same way Firebase does it.

For more information, read the Client docs.

Where is the documentation for Playlyfe's API?

You can find Playlyfe's API documentation at the Dev Center. There, you can also test out the API with your staging environment and understand how to use Playlyfe's REST API to integrate our games into your products.