Meet the Team

  • Johny Jose

    From his childhood, he's had a deep love of games, and a dream of being a game designer. Struck upon the idea in college and built the platform backend from scratch, thrice. Loves talking and gaming.

    Loves philosophy and quoting from war books Has developed a newfound love for meditation.

  • Kumar Harsh

    An voracious learner, he caught the photoshop bug in highschool, and it's grown up on him. Started Playlyfe with Johny, and now handles the overall design. If you think there's one pixel's off somewhere on Playlyfe, you know where to direct your pitchforks.

    Has an insatiable hunger for sci-fi novels, gaming, webcomics, football, and quizzing.

  • Chitresh Parihar

    Ever-ready to meet and interact with new people. Joined Playlyfe in it's infancy, and helped build up the all-star team you see here. He's behind every mail you receive from us.

    Endless runner and basketball aficionado.

  • Peter John
    Full-Stack Developer

    Hard-core coder. Likes hacking away at softwares, created an IDE for making games. He's the brains and the brawns behind the real-time leaderboards you see on Playlyfe.

    Believes that home is just another word for office and loves starring github repos... Seriously!

  • Mayank Agarwal
    Frontend & UI Developer

    Swims in frontend tech news day-in day-out. The comedian in the house, and an incredibly persistent frontend ninja. Loves optimizing the hell out of the website. If you find our tutorials a breeze, that's all Mayank!

    Spends his weekends curled up with historical books or TV seasons. Has an unnatural capacity for tea.

Our Mentors

  • Rakesh Mishra

    Co-Founder and Director at Excubator. Founded and Headed the Gamification Center of Excellence at Infosys.

  • Guhesh Ramanathan

    Co-Founder and CEO at Excubator. CEO at NSRCEL (IIM) Bangalore.

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